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Monday - Friday:
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walk-in service available for routine tests

Pet / CT Scans available
Wednesday 7 am - 12 pm
Saturday 9 am - 2:15 pm

Navesink, New Jersey

A world of care close to home

Welcome to Navesink Radiology

On May 1, 2012, Navesink Radiology, LLC began providing radiology services for Riverview Medical Center and Bayshore Community Hospital. The two groups currently servicing these hospitals have merged their hospital based radiology practices together in order to offer greater radiology services and a strong highly-skilled team of imaging experts. “By merging our groups together we are able to offer our patients, hospitals and referring physicians state of the art imaging services, the highest level of patient care and some of the most technologically advanced diagnostic services available,” said Edward Rittweger, M.D., president of Navesink Radiology, LLC.

The new group employs 12 board certified radiologists who offer a broad range of radiology services including general, interventional and diagnostic radiology, in addition to women’s imaging services. We are able to rapidly expand the size of the imaging services provided to the community with a world of care close to home.

According to Robert Wold, M.D., vice president of Navesink Radiololgy, LLC., “One of the biggest benefits of this merger is our ability to leverage the strengths of our combined resources in order to meet the increased demands and expectations of our patients and the medical community in general.”

Navesink Radiology, LLC is committed to offering exceptional patient care at the highest quality possible. This new partnership allows us to support Meridian Health System in our quest to offer customers a more effective, efficient and pleasant experience. We believe this merger makes us a leader in radiology for New Jersey and we are excited about our future together.